STOPP International Releases Nationwide Entanglement Data

On March 5, Girl Scout CEO, Kathy Cloninger, declared
on the NBC Today Show that Girls Scout councils
have and will continue to partner with Planned Parenthood. 
STOPP International, led by
Jim Sedlak, responded by investigating all 315 Girl Scout Councils. 
The following results were released on April 12.
17 councils do have relationships with Planned Parenthood.
49 councils have no working relationships with Planned Parenthood.
249 councils refused to answer questions about their relationship!!!
Texas, one council did partner with PP, 5 councils have no relationship,
and 13 councils took "took the 5th amendment" when asked.
You can go to a special STOPP web site (
click here) to find out about
the Girl Scout council that serves your community and to get most current information.
If yours is a bad council, your friends, Girl Scout parents,
and your church need to know this unfortunate fact.
If yours is a "won't say" council, please take the initiative to find out. 
Councils will respond to local inquiries.  The special STOPP web site has a link
to Girl Scout Council Finder which will give you needed contact information.
Report what you find to STOPP International through this special e-mail address 
[email protected]

STOPP Press Release of April 12 on Girl Scout/Planned Parenthood Entanglement
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KCEN TV Waco (March 14)
Jim Sedlak paints portrait of PP and annouces GS investigation.
O'Reilly Report (Fox News April 16)
Jim Sedlak reveals findings of GS/PP investigation.

Pro-Life Waco sends a big THANK YOU
to STOPP International for shining the light on GS/PP entanglement.